Upgrade Outlook PST File

Do you have a pile of PST files of ANSI version? Do you want to get rid of it? Upgrade Outlook PST is one of the hottest solutions for this. The utility has been designed to meet your expectations of upgrading Outlook data. You all know that PST files of ANSI version cannot hold more than 2GB data. Unicode has capacity to hold data 10 times more than ANSI. So, conversion can give you the opportunity to merge small sized PST files and prevent yourself from data clutter.

  • Upgrade ANSI version PST files to Unicode smoothly
  • Support to PST files of all Outlook version including 2003, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • No MS Outlook installation is required to upgrade PST
  • Bulk upgrade support is offered
  • A simple utility, featuring a few easy to understand tabs for upgrading
  • Upgrade any PST file of ANSI version
  • Save the upgraded PST files locally
  • Run smoothly with Windows 10, 8, XP and Vista

Upgrade PST app is a modern utility. It performs upgrade task so fast and with top accuracy. The tool has been launched into 2 versions- personal and official. Apply for license of the app that you find well suitable.

Upgrade Outlook PST
Key Features of Outlook PST Upgrade Tool

Upgrade Any ANSI Version PST File

The PST upgrading tool has been designed to upgrade any ANSI version PST file. It has a file filter feature that helps to filter the data with top accuracy.


Perform Bulk Upgrading Task

The PST Upgrade tool supports bulk upgrading task. It means more than one PST file can be selected for upgrading. You can select PST files one by one or select a folder holding PST files.


Save Upgraded Data Locally

The app encourages easy file management. It asks users for the location in the computer to save the upgraded data. It can be saved locally to any folder of your choice.


Flawless Upgrading Process

The upgrade PST tool doesn't stop upgrading task till it is complete. Every ANSI version PST file is exported easily. The data is preserved. Entire folder is upgraded including Inbox, Outbox, Contacts, Notes etc…


Quite Easy to Run

Running the app on your Windows PC is so easy. It has a few simple buttons that direct the task of upgrading. Follow the steps one by one to complete upgrading.

Outlook Upgrade Tool FAQs
Could I consider the app to upgrade any ANSI version PST file?

We have mentioned this clearly. All ANSI version PST files can be upgraded to Unicode version. It exports all healthy ANSI version PST files.

Could I run the app without installation of MS Outlook?

This is an independent app. You can run it without installing MS Outlook. It doesn't need support of any third application.

Client Reviews

commentI have found the app remarkable. I have upgraded nearly 50 PST files. It performs so smooth. Around 5 PST files I upgraded at once and it took just 5 minutes to upgrade. My experience with this app is absolutely fantastic. I would like to recommend it to all MS Outlook users.

David Faithfull, United Kingdom reviews