Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

We abide all the standard rules and regulations set to maintain privacy of visitors and clients… This privacy policy is written in simple manner. We request all visitors to go through the policy.

What we collect?

We collect information of visitors and clients who are registered with us… We keep their data like name, email address, reviews and activities that they have shared with us.

How Does Data Gathering Help Us?

The data is gathered with an intention to make our services better.
Your reviews and browsing experienced are analysed by us to understand your needs so that we can make our site more friendly and useful
Each review of clients is considered to make necessary changes in the services
Your personal details help us establishing contacts with you through newsletters and offers
We keep you updated with our latest events

What efforts do you put to keep your data intact?

Your every data is safe with us. We don’t allow any third party to access it without our permission. High quality and tested security software are used to keep the data intact.

Is Your Personal Data Disclosed by Us?

We maintain high quality privacy for your data as we said. We even prohibit our partners to open the data without our permission. But we can reveal your personal data to our partners like mail address when they give an assurance to not misuse it.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use them. It is used to understand the visitor’s behaviour and interest. With just one click to a cookie you can jump to another site. But these are not allowed to access personal data of our clients.

Welcome for Third Party Links

Third party can share their links with us. We have set a special rules and regulation for this. Feel free to contact us to learn more about it.

Our Authority

Remember we have the authority to make changes in the Privacy Policy without any notice. Any change will be taken keeping the laws in mind.

Note: Clients can unsubscribe our email alerts by clicking unsubscribe button which is located at the bottom of every mail.