Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files

Welcome! It is all about merge PST. Install the free trial of the app to know how flexible it is to merge Outlook data. The tool has multiple features to make merge process successful, accurate & easy.

  • A well recommended Outlook merge tool
  • Tested for its performance & accuracy
  • Perform merge of both Unicode and ANSI versions PST files
  • Provide multiple options to merge data
  • Allow to add desirable PST files to merge them together
  • Save the merged data locally in any drive
  • Capable to merge by creating a new folder for each PST
  • Merge all content in a same folder
  • Merge selected folder only
  • Optional options to remove duplicate and skip deleted folders
  • Perform fast merge process
  • Need no additional tool to merge data
  • Combine Outlook PST smoothly

Unnecessary data gathering is faced by almost all MS Outlook users. PST Unicode version has capacity to store 20 GB data. Small sized PST files can be stretched to 20 GB. It means you can get rid of data gathering by combining small sized PST files together. The tool gives you the opportunity to customize PST merge process. It is a highly advance utility with user friendly experience.

Merge Outlook PST
Key Features of Merge Outlook PST Software

Merge Any PST Files

The app is highly advanced. It has a search tool to add user's selected healthy PST files to combine together. Users can pick 2, 3 or more PST files to merge together. It doesn't restrict users to choose either ANSI or Unicode version PST files.


Merge Only Contacts

It has the option that users can click to merge only contacts of PST files in one file. It merges all email addresses of PST files together.


Merge Only Inbox

Users can join Outlook PST inbox data together with this option. All mails of inbox of the selected PST files will be gathered in a newly created PST file.


Merge Any Standard Folder

PST files hold Outbox, Contacts, Inbox, Journals, Messages and other folders. You can pick any standard folder to merge them together. The Outlook PST Merge app follows your command.


Merge All Content in Same Folders

The option allows you to create one strong folder that holds information of all selected PST files. The feature helps to make space in your system.


Save Data Locally

The merged data is saved locally. The location is decided by users. The tool allows users to save the newly created PST file to any folder of your choice. Thus, it supports easy file management.

Outlook Merge PST Software FAQs
Does this tool require installation of MS Outlook to perform merge operation?

No, you don't need to install MS Outlook. It is an independent app.

Can I merge and save multiple PST files in one PST folder?

It has the option to merge multiple Outlook PST into single PST. Make sure the PST file size limit only.

Client Reviews

comment This app is great. I have successfully managed to merge multiple PST files. Two thumbs up for this remarkable application. It has solved by space storage issue as well as allowed me to manage data easily. Thank you guys.

Gary Larsen, Canada reviews